Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2007!

Walking down the Streets of Town
On the Chinese New Year Day
People greeting each other
Happy Lunar New Year
Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni Ya
Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni
Read And Enjoy Team Wishes all its Readers a Happy and Prosperous Lunar Chinese New Year!

Just Follow Law Opens Today in Singapore

Jack Neo is this time very disciplined- coming with advices of Just Follow Law!

The I Not Stupid 2 Famed Jack Neo's Newest movie Just Follow Law is opening today in the movie halls creating a jabble of laughter and satire that is just the hallmark of his movies! This time he is telling the story of two civil servants.

The funniest dialogue :For anything it takes about 3 months and the guy exhausts expression- "Singapore is such an efficient society -- It takes 3 months with that typical singaporean accent and expression!

A Parody of the above dialogue- going around-

A newly wed family are enthusiastic to Just Follow Law to get their first kid and go to the doctor for checkup. The lady is told by the doctor "Another Six Months- you have your Kid". The husband comes with the expression- "Singapore is such an efficient society and we wait for 6 more months(for this)....

Just Follow Lah!

Bountifully Abundant Singapore Hong Bao

WhiteSands Tampines

Bountiful Treasures!

Asia Malls ( TiongBahru Plaza,Century Square, Hougang Mall, WhiteSands) are now with Bountiful Treasures for this year Chinese New year starting celebrations from January 19th 2007 to 16th Feb 2007 !

They have come up with treasures galore celebrating the Spring at their Asia Malls showering more blessings !

Whats in Spring specials ?

Bountiful Fortune of Cash Vault Game.

Bountiful Wishes of Hong Bao Giveaways.

Bountiful Night of Revelry

Also with Bountiful Festivities of Events and performances with Chinese Orchestral and wushu performances capital 95.8FM Radio DJs special appearances !

And for the Eating Nation ?

Its bountiful treats - exclusive promotions at Hougang Mall & White Sands ( Where is White Sands ?)

Hougang Mall takes dining to new heights ! Watch out for Ferris Wheel Dining !

Read And Enjoy!

What is Aroma Therapy ?

What is Aroma Therapy?

Of late Aroma Therapy is becoming much popular. What is Aroma Therapy ? A Therapy based on one of the five senses by name smell ! Is that simple ? Not exactly. The ingredients that are selected for Aroma Therapy are very carefully picked up for therapy.

With the consciousness of Wellness of Body, Mind and Soul becoming more and more important, the body and face wellness is the contemporary subject of aesthetic beauty as well.

Imagine a luxurious relaxing therapy that pampers your face,neck,ear,shoulder hand foot massage! That's the one which gives a fully rested and invigorated feeling of body and mind.

There are different types of treatment in Aroma Therapy.

An Aroma Body massage can re freshen you. An Ear Candle can invigorate you. A stiff neck/shoulder backache massage can soften you. A stomach slimming massage can shape you. A foot reflexology can free you from ache in the foot and muscles up the ankles.

Keep watching for more on Aroma Therapy around your city and you may find more interesting features of this therapy becoming part of your life.

Read And Enjoy Team

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